Bullseye - Limited Edition Bone Vinyl + Tarot Tee + Snap Bracelet


Bundles includes: Limited Edition Bone Vinyl + Tarot Tee + Snap Bracelet

Printed by Ambient Inks on a premium Canvas 3001 100% cotton t-shirt. 

Bullseye silicon snap bracelet

Limited Edition Bullseye Bone-Colored Vinyl with Gatefold Cover, Illustrated Lyric Sleeve and Digital Download Card. 


  1. Emo Lullaby :’(
  2. Cheer Captain
  3. Didn’t Make It
  4. Headspace (feat. Ruston Kelly)
  5. Get High w/ My Friends
  6. JOKE’S ON YOU (I Don’t Want To)


  1. Maybe Could Have Loved (feat. Nightly)
  2. Bother With Me
  3. Remember Cloverland
  4. Seventeen Again (feat. Novo Amor)
  5. Bullseye

Format: 12" Vinyl Record
Release Date: July 16, 2021
Label: Color Study

Shipped using compostable and/or eco-friendly packaging.

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