Private Energy LP + Young, Latin & Proud Tee Bundle


Private Energy LP

Side A (33 rpm)

  • A1. Calienta
  • A2. Tartamudo
  • A3. Obra Dos
  • A4. Lengua Larga
  • A5. Runaround

Side B (33 rpm)

  • B1. Young, Latin and Proud
  • B2. Obra Tres
  • B3. Transmission Listen
  • B4. Personas Facil

Side C (33 rpm)

  • C1. Mi Mano
  • C2. Obra Cuatro
  • C3. It’s My Brown Skin
  • C4. We Don’t Have Time For That
  • C5. Obra Cinco

Side D (33 rpm)

  • D1. Runaround (Alternate Mix)
  • D2. Young, Latin and Proud (December Mix)
  • D3. Transmission Listen (Alternate Make)

Released October 7, 2016. 

Young, Latin & Proud TeeTultex 202: 100% Cotton tee

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