The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae LP

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"A fascinating glimpse of Veirs' nascent talent. Even this early on in her career, Veirs' slightly spooked voice conveys a strong sense of place, especially when singing about her beloved wilderness in the American Northwest. And in case you're wondering, no she doesn't vote Republican. Dubbed 'art country' by a local news paper, Veirs sounds a little like Suzanne Vega if she'd grown up in such a place. The two albums (Year of Meteors & Triumphs) share the same subtly inventive producer in Tucker Martine, string arrangements by Eyvind Kang and a generally sparse, largely acoustic ambience, occasionally illuminated with subtle electronica." - BBC Music



1.  Jailhouse Fire
2.  Up the River
3.  John Henry Lives
4.  Black-Eyed Susan
5.  Orphan Mae
6.  Blue Ink
7.  Montague Road
8.  Through December
9.  Raven Marching Band
10.  Moving Along
11.  She Left Me For Another Cowhand (exclusive bonus track - download only)


• Vinyl includes 320kbs mp3 album download code!
• Instant download with bonus song "She Left Me For Another Cow Hand"!
• Lyric sheet printed on premium linen paper!

Cat. No. RMB002

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