Grandpa Bob's Tackle Box


 Fish BEWARE! Named for the Lake Winnebago legend himself, Grandpa Bob's Tackle Box is da key to successful fishing in da Midwest. A couple two tree 6 lures with inspirational phrases, custom made by Mepps over der in Antigo, home of the World's #1 Lure. Popular with fishermen world-wide for catching anything that bites. In the words of Grandpa Bob “Cripes Alfrighty these soms a guns is really somethin!”


Specific Description: Mepps Lures and Lure Box
Go Packers – Mepps #5 Aglia with Dressed Flashabou (1/2 oz.)
Keep’er Movin’ – Mepps #3 Aglia with Dressed Squirrel Tail (1/4 oz.)
OPE – Mepps #3 Plain Aglia (1/4 oz.)
Cripes Alfrighty - #5 Plain Aglia (1/2 oz.)
Oh My Gosh! - #3 Plain Aglia Long (1/3 oz.)
Tell Your Folks - #2 Syclops Spoon (5/8 oz.)

Product Brand/Item Type: Mepps Lures and Lure Box

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