"Abolish ICE" Solidarity Tee


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What if it was your kids? And how can it matter that it's not? 

Designed by Landon Sheely. Printed in Eau Claire, WI by Ambient Inks on 100% cotton, Allmade tees. 

**PRE ORDER iS OVER! Printing later this week and shipping soon as they’re done. Thank you, everyone! 

We'll not be keeping any profit from these. Once printing is paid for, all proceeds will be forwarded to someone who can use them. Hear me out: With all the online processing and whatever, we won't receive your payments for these for a couple of months. As this fight has been evolving so quickly, and sadly surely will not end by the end of next quarter or whatever the fuck, we hesitate to say right now where the proceeds will be sent. So you'll have to trust us to make that call when the time comes. Feels like drops in the ocean for an org like RAICES so we're hoping to find someone more local Doing The Work and making pennies count. Hopefully the impact can be felt somewhat more directly. We'll be totally transparent about it when the time comes. <3 Appreciate your trust and solidarity.