The Bearer of Bad News (LP)


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Specific Description: Andy Shauf is a storyteller, a singer of heartbreak and regrets, isolation and loneliness, reflecting his prairie surroundings in Regina, Saskatchewan. Meticulously written over four years, Shauf's The Bearer Of Bad News is a warm and welcoming album, bathed in weathered piano, dampened drums, softy strummed guitars, and clarinet that lends a unique timbre to frequently brighten, or hauntingly underscore, the album's darker dimensions. The sound is a lilting, captivating pop that simultaneously conveys a yearning and unfolding heartache. Fans of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Harry Nilsson: take note. 

Release Date: 3 February 2015
Record Label: Tender Loving Empire / Party Damage
Format + Color: (12" Vinyl)


  1.  Hometown Hero

  2.  Drink My Rivers

  3.  I'm Not Falling Asleep

  4.  Covered in Dust

  5.  Wendell Walker

  6.  You're Out Wasting

  7.  The Man on Stage

  8.  Jesus, She's a Good Girl

  9.  Lick Your Wounds

  10.  Jerry Was a Clerk

  11. My Dear Helen

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