Around the Well (CD)


Around the Well is a compilation of out-of-print and unreleased tracks by Iron and Wine. Available as 2xCD. Release Date: May 19, 2009.

Track Listing:

  1. Dearest Forsaken 
  2. Morning
  3. Loud as Hope
  4. Peng! 33
  5. Sacred Vision 
  6. Friends They Are Jewels
  7. Hickory
  8. Waitin' for a Superman
  9. Swans and the Swimming
  10. Call Your Boys 
  11. Such Great Heights
  12. Communion Cups & Someone's Coat
  13. Belated Promise Ring
  14. God Made the Automobile
  15. Homeward, These Shoes
  16. Love Vigilantes
  17. Sinning Hands
  18. No Moon
  19. Serpent Charmer
  20. Carried Home 
  21. Kingdom of the Animals 
  22. Arms of a Thief
  23. The Trapeze Swinger

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