Awefekt “Awefekt” (vinyl)


Awefekt (Vinyl)

AWEFEKT is an experimental electronic music collaboration of San Francisco music producer Jeremy Black, experimental noise artist Trever Hagen, Modular Synth artist Trevor Brooks, Andy Fitzpatrick of Bon Iver and Producer Ryan Olson (Gayngs, Polica). The record also features a vocal from Naeem Juwan of Spank Rock. The material was recorded in the Spring of 2017 at Justin Vernon's April Base Studio in Fall River, Wisconsin and was edited by Jeremy Black and Ryan Olson.
1. I'm Not Doing This For You
2. Nostros Algos 04:34
3. VXMDCHP 03:21
4. We All 03:43
5. Go Fast, Go Far (Feat NAEEM)
6. 141 Pictures
7. Petite Boom

released January 19, 2019 

PRODUCER(S): Ryan Olson, Jeremy Black 

MIXER(S):Ryan Olson, Jeremy Black 

COMPOSER(S): Jeremy Black, Trevor Brooks, Trever Hagen, Andrew Fitzpatrick 

LYRICIST(S): Naeem Juwan (Spank Rock), Cliff Rhymes, Moncelas Boston

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