Carbon Glacier LP (Limited Edition Clear & Black Swirl Vinyl)

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Out of print since 2010, this special limited pressing of Carbon Glacier is featured on Clear & Black Swirl Vinyl.

On her Nonesuch debut Carbon Glacier, Veirs reimagines folk music in a bravely boundary-crossing way, employing the genre as a jumping-off point to create an intimate, affecting sound entirely her own.

Format + Color: Limited Edition Clear & Black Swirl (LP)


1. Ether Sings
2. Icebound Stream
3. Rapture
4. Lonely Angel Dust
5. The Cloud Room
6. Wind Is Blowing Stars
7. Shadow Blues
8. Anne Bonny Rag
9. Snow Camping
10. Chimney Sweeping Man
11. Salvage A Smile
12. Blackend Anchor
13. Riptide

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