End Of The Day (music from the film Anonymous Club) - 12" Milky Clear LP


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End Of The Day (music from the film Anonymous Club) full length album by Courtney Barnett

- 12" Single LP in Standard Jacket with Printed Inner Sleeve hand drawn by Courtney Barnett
- Milky Clear Vinyl
- Album Artwork designed by Danny Cohen

Items ship on or around September 8, 2023
Pictures shown are for illustration only and final products may differ slightly.

1. Start Somewhere
2. Life Balance
3. First Slow
4. A to B
5. (Electricity)
6. Two Circles Reflecting
7. End Of The Day
8. Floating Down
9. Spring Ascends
10. Intro
11. B to C
12. Like Water
13. Gold Room
14. Sun Through
15. River
16. Get On With It
17. Eternity Repeat

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