FU HB2 Tee


Orders will ship on June 1st!

FUHB2 is a response, a declaration and a movement against a reprehensible and archaic bill recently passed in the state of North Carolina (see House Bill 2).  In addition to preventing local governments from raising minimum wage standards and removing state laws preventing discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex (biological or otherwise) or handicap, more famously, the bill has regulated and restricted bathroom usage to that correlating with a persons' "biological sex" as dictated on their birth certificate.

There is a strong collective voice rising across the state. From the Atlantic shores to the Blue Ridge Mountains, we're moving forward with our middle fingers up and we hope you'll join us. 

The success of this moment and all movements against HB2 demands visibility. It asks that queer folks and allies use the platforms that we have fought for to make a scene and demand to be heard.  We feel that because this bill is so offensive in pro-discrimination policy, this simple response was warranted. FUHB2. 

All profits from the sales of these shirts will go directly to support the #WeAreThis Queer & Trans Youth Mobilization Fund through the Southern Vision Alliance. This a rapid response fund created to support community mobilizations and projects that advance Queer and Trans liberation. The goals of this fund is to support queer and trans people of color on the frontlines of struggles for freedom and liberation. Many queer and trans people of color are organizing to reclaim their futures. They recognize the legacy of slavery, genocide, and violence that makes House Bill 2 (HB2) possible, this reflective lens illuminates their histories and inspires the change in their realities. Learn more at: https://southernvision.org/wearethis/