ILEANA EP (Digital)


Generationals have been stretching the boundaries of pop music for over a decade. From Con Law, their ebullient 2009 debut, to their adventurous and groove-infused sixth LP from 2019 Reader As Detective, the New Orleans based duo have made songs that are consistently immediate and memorable. Even though their music always sounds effortless, they approach their songwriting with an auteur-like perfectionism: constantly tweaking and fine-tuning their craft. Their latest, the ILEANA EP, is four tracks that showcase the two at their most free and confident, the triumphant product of taking studio risks and welcoming outside voices like songwriter Sarah Jaffe to their writing process.

ILEANA is a testament to Generationals’ longevity as well as Joyner and Widmer’s enduring friendship. These are some of the best songs they have ever written with each track revealing surprises and subtle hooks with every listen.

Release Date: 11/5/2021
Record Label: Polyvinyl Record Co.
Format + Color: Digital