Golder (CD)


Track Listing:

1. Candy Machine Gun

2. Anyway, Rattlesnake

3. Raggedy Man

4. Sad Baby

5. Silver Zephyrs

6. Daddy

7. Money

8. A Piano

9. Before The Dark

10. Kid October

11. Leo

12. Bad For You

13. Wendybird

Titled after the dreams she had about the record cover being shiny gold, “Golder” represents Haley striving to become a better artist, growing with each song she writes. Recorded at Pachyderm studio (Nirvana, PJ Harvey) in Cannon Falls, MN, Haley and band went in knowing most of the songs in advance, but reconstructed them while in the studio. The songs themselves are largely a reflection of a wonderful and lonely year spent in Portland, Oregon.

released April 19, 2011