Har Mar Superstar/Pizza Underground Silk-Screened 2014 Tour Poster (Signed)


Autographed By MOST of Tour Party.

Relive the wild and extremely fun times of the Har Mar Superstar/Pizza Underground 2014 tour with special guests Lizzo, The Candy Boys, and Toby Goodshank!  There are only 1000 total of these 18" x 24" hand-numbered, screen-printed tour posters in existence, and I just found 30 of these signed by almost everyone!  These beauties were designed by Thomas Bayne (aka Anchovy Warhol).  

This is edition is autographed by the MOST OF THE TOUR PARTY including Macaulay Culkin, Har Mar Superstar, Denver Dalley, Jeff "Catfish" Quinn, Ryan McMahon, Deenah Vollmer, Matt Colborn, Austin Kilham, Toby Goodshank, and The Candy Boys!