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Palisades is the sophomore album from Eric Slick. Originally released in 2017, the album is
steeped in psychedelia and often features a noticeably darker sound than his other work.
Accented by reverb-drenched bursts of guitar and colorful synths, the record takes the listener
on an introspective journey influenced by his experiences with meditation and dream therapy.
The 8-song collection showcases Slick coming into his own as a songwriter, with Relix
magazine calling it “sublime.” Now ORG Music is bringing the title to vinyl for the first time,
available widely on silver color vinyl.

Release Date: June 22, 2022
Record Label: ORG Music
Format + Color: LP + Silver

1. You Became The Light
2. The Dirge
3. No
4. Slow Burn
5. Palisades
6. You Are Not Your Mind
7. Evergreen
8. Into The Void

Cover Art Designed By: Layout by Emily Taylor, front cover photo by Shervin Lainez

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