All We Grow (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) - Seaglass LP


Ten years ago, S. Carey and All We Grow crept into our world like a seedling—delicate and unassuming, but putting down roots that would deepen and grow whether we saw them or not. Ten years later, All We Grow stands as a classic album - born without expectation and met with adoration - a cathartic result of Carey's extraordinary and vibrant life experiences that resonates loss, dreams and heart in a manner so instantly relatable, you feel as though you can touch it.


33 1/3 RPM 12" Seaglass Wave translucent vinyl in a single LP matte finish jacket with a black paper inner sleeve and a 2-sided matte varnish insert (digital download included)


1. Move
2. We Fell
3. In the Dirt
4. Rothko Fields
5. Mothers
6. Action
7. In the Stream
8. All We Grow
9. Broken
10. Take It With Me