Clowder CD


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Clowder is the first full-length album from the psychedelic rock band Whale House based in Madison, WI.  This absolute monster of an album is a master class in dynamic range.  Looking for grunge-inspired pop?  Check out Milk, the fuzzed out anthem to ego-dissolution that ebbs and flows with sonic tension before finally erupting in a foot-stomping climax.  Looking for cerebral art rock?  Listen to Elephant, an ephemeral waltz filled with surrealist imagery dancing across a multicolored landscape of shimmering tones.  
From the colossal drum fill that kicks off "Into the Bluffs" to the soul-cleansing swell of the String Quartet that closes "Twilight Sleep", Clowder is a tour-de-force full of twists, turns, catchy hooks, chest-rattling riffs and mind bending effects.  You'll never know what to expect next but you'll enjoy every second of the ride.

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Art by Anthony Ausgang