Life on Other Planets (CD)

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Release date: January 10, 2020

Recorded in Winooski, VT
Produced & recorded by Moon Hooch & Dan Rome
Mixed by Dan Rome
Mastered by Jeremy Mendicino
Artwork by Ari M. Warner

Michael Wilbur – tenor saxophone, bass saxophone, synthesizers, vocals Michael Wilbur
Wenzl McGowen - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, contrabass clarinet, synthesizers
James Muschler – drum set, percussion

“We bottled our concert experience and captured it on this album in a way we never have before,” says Wenzl McGowen, one third of the groundbreaking sax-and-percussion trio Moon Hooch. “This is the first album where our fans will be able to listen and say, ‘This is exactly what it’s like to see them live.’”

Recorded in a series of stunning, one-take performances, ‘Life on Other Planets’ may be the purest distillation of Moon Hooch’s sound ever put to tape. There’s no studio magic here, just three virtuosic musicians who seem to share a telepathic connection, one that transcends language and genre and tradition. The songs on ‘Life on Other Planets’ mix elements of jazz, funk, R&B, and EDM, swirling them all into an instrumental maelstrom the band refers to as “cave music” (think house music, but more jagged and primitive). The performances don’t just beg for a physical reaction, they command one, exploding out of the speakers with melodic pyrotechnics and infectious percussion that resonate on a deep, primordial level. Though the basic structures for many of these tunes were settled in advance, most of what you’ll hear on the album was completely improvised on the spot, much like one of the band’s legendary live shows.

1. Nonphysical
2. This Is Water
3. Old Frenchman
4. They're Already Here
5. Candlelight
6. Need Your Love
7. Bronst
8. Too Much Hooch
9. #4 Solo

Pre-order comes with a free (immediate) download of the first single, Candlelight.