Wiseacre LP


Blissfulness is at the core of Wiseacre, the strikingly purifying sophomore record from Eric Slick. Wiseacre is a location, literally. It’s the place he married the light in his life, Natalie Prass, and titling the record after it is an attempt at bottling the euphoria of his wedding day. The record isn’t just about the joy that comes from a loving existence blossoming out of a new relationship, it’s also about the hard work that it takes to get to that place.

Track listing:
1. When it Comes Down To It
2. Children
3. Over It
4. Quarantine
5. Closer to Heaven (feat. Natalie Prass)
6. Nothing to Lose
7. Kind of Person
8. Haunted
9. Someday
10. Natalie

Format: Yellow Vinyl
Record Label: Slick Records
Release Date: 08/14/2020

Includes digital download.