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Mar 13 2013

Wisconsin's new tourism ad depicts series of unfortunate events


Above: Them wacky Wisconins hijinks.

Last June, we heard about how the Wisconsin Department of Tourism (aka Travel Wisconsin) was going to use David Zucker, director of 1980's iconic, crazy-go-nuts, screwball comedy Airplane! to shoot another Sconnie tourism commercial (this was his first one) and that they'd even enlisted Airplane! star Robert Hays to star in it. Well, they're done. And it's about what you'd expect from people famous for iconic, crazy-go-nuts, screwball comedy films from the 1980s. See what you think (below).

The commercial was shot last summer at Plum Lake in Sayner, Wis. The tagline reminds you that, "It doesn't take any special skill to enjoy Wisconsin," and the spot ends with Hays getting slapped in the face by a muskie while four woman look on (cameos from four former Wisconsin pageant winners).

The commercial will begin airing in May, and Zucker has announced that he and Hays will return with another tourism ad set for Winter, 2014.


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